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A suite of high-performance digital marketing services, rich in innovative features.

Ad Spend Savings

Our PPC team can help you maximise value, drive targeted traffic and achieve unparalleled results for your investment in Google Ads campaigns.

Customer Loyalty Engine

Build lasting relationships, encourage repeat business, and unlock the full potential of your customer base with our email marketing strategies.

Expand Social Influence

Increase followers, amplify your profile, and stand out in the digital landscape for lasting impact. Our social media ad campaigns are the way forward.

Dominate Your City

Boost local visibility, attract more customers, and dominate search results with our targeted Local SEO campaign for sustained growth.

Results Driven Digital Marketing Services

Once a struggling restaurant, utilising Project Scale’s SEO services gave them a crucial advantage, transforming local online presence.

Digital Marketing Services
"Facing Google ranking challenges, our restaurant lacked local visibility. Thanks to Project Scale, we now dominate for key terms like 'best kebab.' Outstanding service!"
Restaurant Owner

"Dominated Key Terms"

Declining net profit stemmed from high commissions on food delivery platforms. To reclaim control, our client sought our digital marketing services, aiming to shift towards exclusive direct ordering services, minimising reliance on external platforms.

Daily Menu Views
Surged by an impressive 626%, preceding our attainment of rankings for additional keywords.


Direct Order Increase

A 39% rise in customers now opting to order directly from the restaurant, surpassing the use of food platform services like Just-Eat and Deliveroo.

How Does It Work?

We execute an efficient and forward-thinking approach, recognising the complexity of digital marketing, web design, and SEO. Our streamlined process simplifies your journey.


We arrange a consultation to understand your business and its digital requirements.

Service Plan

Tailoring a digital marketing strategy to align with your goals, we ensure optimal results based on the recommended services.

Launch Campaign

Embark on goal achievement as we initiate our impactful digital marketing services for you.


Upon completing the plan, we analyse the results to gauge the campaign's performance.

What Happens After The Campaign?

Upon completion of your digital marketing campaign, we analyse results and present a comprehensive report detailing website performance, with key metrics such as:

Need a website?

If you’re not yet ready for digital marketing and seek a new website or a complete redesign, explore our web design services for a modern, responsive, and exquisite design.

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Reserve your spot for a discovery meeting to explore how our digital marketing services align with your needs.